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Hello world! Party can start, I’m here!!! I’m Sabrina, and I got here Tuesday, via the scenic route. I’ve had kind of a big week. First, I got born, which made me cold, then they kept sticking my foot to see why I’m all yellow. Mama says I look like a punkin’. My big brother doesn’t quite know what I’m supposed to do, he wants to play, but Mama and Daddy won’t let him. I weighed 6lbs and 6oz when I got here, same as my brother. I’m short, though. Only 17 inches. I’m going to the doctor tomorrow. I’ll let you know how it goes!

I do. And did I mention that I love my doctor for giving me one? My maternity leave’s starting today. I have cankles, my bp’s up a little, everything hurts, and Little Miss Stubborn still hasn’t turned. So. Unless I think she’s turned by Monday morning, I’m to show up Tuesday morning to Labor and Delivery for a c-section.

Yesterday was horrible. Suffice it to say, EVERYTHING went wrong. I don’t think I had a single case go correctly, specimens got confused, equipment was malfunctioning, we thought we were ready but weren’t, as we didn’t have all the stuff in the room, you name it, it happened. I ended up in tears in the assistant director’s office, just needing a break. I just sort of unloaded. I’m stressed out, burnt out, and tuckered out, and I’m so glad I don’t have to see that place for at least 8 weeks, I can hardly stand myself right now. So. My plan is to pack a bag, clean up, straighten up, and put up, and relax for the next few days.

{June 24, 2011}   It’s been awhile.

I’ve not disappeared, I’m just boringly living, working, and baby wrangling. Oh, and growing. Out. Way out. My arms are getting shorter by the day! I have an echo (u/s?) on Monday, because I’ve been taking Wellbu.trin throughout my pregnancy and even though they weren’t in the least concerned with Fletcher, they’ve decided Sabrina could be at risk. So, off I go to the perinatologist once again. She’s moving allllllll the time now. Oh, I held another baby at church on Sunday, and Fletcher was Not Pleased. He warned me in no uncertain terms that I better not get too attached to that thing cause it was in HIS spot, and he was not having it. After I handed her off, he walked away to go play again. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that his world’s about to be rocked. Bless his wittle heart. I’m feeling much better now, at 24 weeks. Got the heartburn under control, not so pukey, and have a little bit of energy. YCU mentioned having a 3rd baby the other day. Hmmmmm….I’ll get back to you on that.

{May 21, 2011}   Drumroll, please…..

Introducing….Sabrina Elise! Yes! Tater Tot finally has a name! YCU and I finally agreed, and this is it!

Yep. Shitters were full. Anyway, you’ll all be happy to know I survived breakfast with my MIL, and no one had to part with any hard-earned cash to bail me out of the pokey! *insert extended applause here* It was actually a pleasant time. I’m starting to feel the inklings of an out of body experience, here. Surely there couldn’t have just been two major holidays made pleasant by my MIL, right?

In other news, my SIL is pregnant. Yep, my brother is having another rugrat/tricycle motor/yard ape. I’m so excited for them, but they just sold all their baby stuff in a yard sale! I offered my bassinet and stuff for their use. I know where they live.

I had some bleeding last week. Spit spotting for about 3ish days. It would go hours, almost a whole day, then start up again. This was accompanied by twinges from the right ovary. Hmmmm…….Anyway, it was like two, maybe 3 days after I had the IUD out. Surely not…..

Off to cart Grumpy McStinkypants to Grandmama’s for Christmas dinner. *beleaguered sigh* YCU has to go to work. This should be fun. But! But! He can entertain everyone by saying ‘Papa’. So I’ll let you know how it goes.

{December 22, 2010}   On taking oneself too seriously…

Today, I walked to the anesthesia workroom and asked two young ladies there for an item that lived there, I just didn’t know where. Apparently, they were CRNA students. The response I got was “We’re not anesthesia techs.” Ooooo-kay, could you tell me where it is and I’ll just get it myself? I mean, really? What, pray tell, does that have to do with the price of tea in China? What, you’re too good to help me find something, or just hand it to me since you most likely still know where it is, despite your deficiency in manners?


This week, I was asking one of the surgeons about his daughters, how they were doing, what schools they’d been accepted to, and whatnot. He told me, and I asked if it would be for a volleyball scholarship and he stated “No, I pay the school, and she can play on the team if she wants.” Gotta love those politics. So I made the comment that all that grace and coordination stuff had passed me by, and I had to settle for just being a smart kid! To this, he responded: *sigh* “That just means that if you were single, and I were single, I’d have to pass on you, because I just couldn’t dilute my gene pool with someone who wasn’t an athlete.” True story. Straight-faced and everything! He meant it! His general rhetoric is all about how he’s amazing, his wife’s gorgeous, his girls are wonderful, and they’re all better than you, etc, etc. It was funny. I mean, seriously? As if I was offering! Another surgeon today told me that if I was ever to become husband-less, I would need to change my ways if I hoped to ever have another one. Wow. Really? Because I stand up for myself and have expectations that he behave like a grown-up? This makes me an Undesirable? Really? Boys are stupid. I said it in high school a lot, which is probably why I didn’t have a lot of dates, but it really is true. *sigh*

My MIL has invited herself, her husband, and my stepson over TO MY HOUSE for Christmas morning. To cook in my kitchen. And my husband has to go to work at 1pm. And I have to grin and bear it. Wahoo. Would you all mind pooling your resources to bail me out? Great.

Earlier this week, my husband called me at work and was angry that I’d forgotten to bring the diaper bag in from my car. Oops, sorry hon. I told him he could come pick it up, then go to his event. To which he responded “I’m not driving all the way down there for that.” People, it’s a 15 min drive to my work. Yes, really. I know. But I called him back, and reminded him that there was a bigger bag in our closet, he could throw some diapers, wipes, and clothes in that, and still go wherever it was he needed to go. He didn’t want to do that either, because I should have just remembered, etc, etc. I hit the roof. Over the phone, at work. There were witnesses to my disgrace. They laughed. So, I said. What you’re telling me, is that you’re not really that motivated to go anywhere, because you’ve turned down two perfectly viable options. You just wanted to call here and bitch at me because you had nothing better to do. Damn it, fix the problem, grow some problem solving skills, and don’t bother me with stupid shit like that! I don’t have time to deal with it, and if I’d been the one stranded, I’d have gotten my happy ass in my car, driven to wherever you were, retrieved the bag, and been on my merry way without bothering him in the least! Small child! ARRRRRRRRRRGH!

Fletcher has learned to climb on his new toy box and take down all his books! As we speak, I’m trying to figure out how to attach a rock to his head so he doesn’t grow up. I’ll let you know what I come up with.

I started an IV yesterday. IN ONE STICK. I’ve not started an IV in at least 5 years. Someone please jump up and down for me and clap, before I explode and just start tooting my own horn! Loudly! I’m only pleased as punch, a little bit. Just a little bit. Like ridin’ a bike, baby! (Oh, yes, I am a nurse and all, but anesthesia usually does that for us in the holding room, so it kind of eliminates it from our job description. This CRNA needed an extra pair of hands, and mine were the only ones available.)

{December 12, 2010}   God, I hate this time of year.

I think we’ve covered Kroger Alerts here before. Or rather, Fletcher has. I tried to get out tonight to get my antibiotics (to fight off a sinus infection [yes, another one]) and people here don’t know how to drive for anything. PSA: You have to creep down the hills (on the brakes, people, no gas involved), and not lose momentum because you’re gonna need it to get up the hill. *sigh* I saw cars off the road, in the ditches, spinning tires, one moron in a truck almost backed into me. I know how to drive in this stuff, but no one else does, and I don’t want to stand out in the cold waiting for some police officer to get there, knowing he can’t drive in it either after some moron in a truck with no weights in the back and no chains on the tires plows into me. Run-on sentence, much? I turned my happy little butt around and came home. Anyway, Fletcher’s birthday party went great. He smashed cake, we ate cake (he had his own, don’t worry)ice cream, and pizza, he opened more presents (and, again, played with the box) and a good time was had by all! I know. I’m a flawless party planner. I should go into business. (Whatever. It was for a one year old who thought his best gift was a paper plate!) He’s got two more teeth, which explains the excessive crankiness, and he’s consistently cruising now. My friend sent me the cutest little pic of Fletcher and his little cohort at the babysitter’s. I present:


Hi, all! Fletchosaur here! More pictures of me being cute! (And some of Mommy, too. ;)) Papa Ralph’s camera is lots better than Mommy’s, so you get to see my awesomeness in practically HD!

Mommy-saurus and Fletch-o-saurus

Part Mountain Goat

Good Side

Cutest little Dinosaurus


{November 1, 2010}   Fletch-o-saurus!

Hi all! Fletcher here! I’m a most excellent and cute dinosaur! Didn’t I scare you? Let me try again: RAAAAAHR!

Plushy Tail!


Cutest little Fletch-o-saurus ever!

{October 21, 2010}   If I agreed with you….

We’d both be wrong! I love that line. I’m gonna use it often.
Now, my week. Crazy? I has it in spades. But the most pressing problem was how to get a babysitter for Saturday. I had one all lined up till the girl’s boyfriend and my husband got into a teenage girl fight. The guy was trying to break up with her. She wouldn’t give it up, he wanted it, he was going on to greener pastures, but (I assume) just in case, he wanted to keep her available so he could go back to her if necessary, etc. So, since she was crying in my living room, my husband told her to move on, there were other fish in the sea, ya-da, ya-da, ya-da. The guy calls my husband telling him he hates him, he’s never speaking to him again, he’ll make sure she never speaks to us again either, blah, blah, blah. Like I said, teenage girl clones, right? So she cancels on me, leaving me without a babysitter, and I’m on call, which it’s too late to get covered. I was afraid I was gonna have to lock him in the employee lounge for awhile. I asked everyone at work that I could think of that had teenagers who might want some extra money. I finally got in touch with my brother and his wife and they’re gonna watch Fletcher overnight and I’m meeting them at church Sunday morning. Did I mention how awesome my family is? Just in case, yeah, they are. Speaking of church, my child is becoming the class clown. Two Sundays ago, he stood up holding the back of the pew, looking around, put his mouth on the pew (Ugh!), and started blowing raspberries. Now, this would have been cute, but, not so much in this case, due to the vaulted ceilings. Naturally, it echoed, drawing the attention of the entire congregation. As everyone is snickering, the minister becomes aware that the attention of the crowd is not on him, and upon discerning the distraction, says loudly: “Well, I can’t compete with that!” I wanted to crawl under the pew. And stay there. *sigh*
Today, my husband drove all the way downtown to fix my car in the parking garage. I thought some gremlins had taken up residence, seeing as the headlight was out, the auto switch on my power window didn’t work, and the dome light wouldn’t come on anymore. He told me he held the auto button down for 10 seconds, flipped the dome light’s switch on, and replaced the bulb in the headlight. It took him 3ish minutes, he said. Oops! I complain about him here a lot, out of transient frustration, but he’s really a good guy. He came home with all sorts of Victoria’s Secret goodies last week! Lip gloss, lotion, powder, under-britches, the works. What a sweetie!

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