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{June 24, 2011}   It’s been awhile.

I’ve not disappeared, I’m just boringly living, working, and baby wrangling. Oh, and growing. Out. Way out. My arms are getting shorter by the day! I have an echo (u/s?) on Monday, because I’ve been taking Wellbu.trin throughout my pregnancy and even though they weren’t in the least concerned with Fletcher, they’ve decided Sabrina could be at risk. So, off I go to the perinatologist once again. She’s moving allllllll the time now. Oh, I held another baby at church on Sunday, and Fletcher was Not Pleased. He warned me in no uncertain terms that I better not get too attached to that thing cause it was in HIS spot, and he was not having it. After I handed her off, he walked away to go play again. I couldn’t bring myself to tell him that his world’s about to be rocked. Bless his wittle heart. I’m feeling much better now, at 24 weeks. Got the heartburn under control, not so pukey, and have a little bit of energy. YCU mentioned having a 3rd baby the other day. Hmmmmm….I’ll get back to you on that.

{May 15, 2011}   Presenting…ME!!!

Hi, all! Fletcher here! I got new soohs, and I can climb! I’m a very big boy. I also can give kisses (which I find to be Very Funny), and hi fives!! I don’t like Eating Out anymore. Well, I like it if I can play in the food and get up and run around and make lots of noise, which my Very Mean Mommy won’t let me do! I luuuuuuurrrrrrrrrves me some Sunday School. Ms K is fun! I’m a most good and determined ‘vestigator. Is that the same as an alligator? Anyway, I almost ‘scaped while I was ‘vestigating the new groceries Mommy was bringing in the other night. Da-da had to come get me and keep me “corralled”, whatever that means.
P.S. Mommy would like me to say that this is a very old picture from when I just turned all big and One. I’m 17 months, now, I’ll have you know! Anyway, she says that the computer ate her pic of my new soohs, and she’ll try to get it up soon.

Hi, all, Fletcher here!! Mommy says I’m gonna be a big brother!! As long as I’m still the center of attention, I’m all for it!! I’m not exactly sure what a big brother does, though. Does that mean I’m bigger and I was here first, so it’s all mine? I think so.

Mommy wrests the computer from sticky hands: Well, the jury is back, and: It’s a girl!!! So, now to figure out how to clothe her and feed her and still keep Fletcher from flashing everyone on a regular basis due to it being his sister’s turn this week to get diapers at the store. *sigh* I got definitive proof today of her female-ness. I had an appt yesterday, and things went well. My doctor was 85% sure she was a girl, but wasn’t positive. Today, I had another u/s because I was kneed in the belly by a patient that was coming off the OR table fighting and in trying to restrain him (Yes, I had help, I don’t have a death wish!), I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So, how was everyone else’s day?

{April 19, 2011}   *sniff*

That sniff if two-fold. I’ve been dealing with a sinus infection/ebola virus (yes, again) and do you know my ENT tried to give me amoxicillin? I told them “They give my 16 month old amoxicillin. This isn’t going to touch what I’ve got going on in there.” Because I was pregnant, they were afraid to give me anything stronger. Seriously? I called my OB, and begged for Levaquin. Miracle drug, that one. Anyway, she didn’t want to give me that cause she said it was a category C drug and didn’t like to use it for pregnant girls. It was all I could do not ask “It’s not a category X, is it?” She called me in some clarithromycin. We’ll see. The other part of my *double sniff* is my child took off his own dipey today and threw it over the side of his baby jail. It was wet. (What’s funny about this is I didn’t notice till I saw him sitting on my kitchen floor and thought to myself: Hmmm. That doesn’t look like the Mickey/Minnie Huggies he had on earlier…Oh God, it’s his pee-pee!) He’s 16 months old. Dare we start looking at potties? I haven’t noticed him hiding behind the furniture…wait a minute. Maybe I have. But isn’t this awfully early for potty-training a boy? Aren’t they supposed to take off their dipeys and put the ‘big boys’ on the week before kindergarten or something? Maybe we’ll get one and let him get used to it being around. Ideas?

And…the neighbor. *sigh* He’s at it again. Last week while my brother and SIL were here, he came over and was mowing our front yard, presumably because he thought it was too high. No, he wasn’t doing us a favor, because if he was, he’d have mowed the backyard too, but he didn’t. My SIL told me she had thought I was kidding before when I was complaining about it. Nope. Dead serious. Then, the next day, my husband and his friend were working on his car outside and the neighbor came over and offered them $50 apiece if they would move the car inside the garage so he didn’t have to look at it every time he walked out of the house. Not kidding. It’s amazing, I know. He doesn’t seem to get it. We own this house. We pay the mortgage. Therefore, we can do pretty much whatever we want to with it, as long as it’s not an eyesore. (Which it wasn’t, they move it inside every night when they’re done. They like to work in the light and breeze. Reasonable, no? The next time I see him, I’m gonna have to lay down the law and tell him not to set foot on our property, I don’t care if the house is on fire, he better not even unzip his britches to piss on it. Trespassers will be shot, and survivors shot again, etc. I don’t like to be that way, but apparently, he’s just dumb enough that I have to be. I’ll put up a sign, or something. Have him arrested for it, which is totally asinine, but what else do you do?

UPDATE: He was cutting our grass again this am. YCU is convinced that if we piss him off, he’ll call the police/city code people every time we want to do anything, and even if we’re not doing anything wrong, he doesn’t want to deal with them. He also said that if I say anything and he smarts off to me, he (my husband) will end up in jail for punching him in the nose. Seriously? Like I’m not perfectly capable of taking care of myself. *ARRRRRRRGH!* He promises to put up a sign. We all know it won’t work, and we’ll have to do things my way anyway, but I’d rather just save a lot of time and holler at him now rather than later.

{March 20, 2011}   I’ve spawned a daredevil.

That is all. We went to the park for the first time yesterday and played on the swings and the slide. Fletcher had a ball! Grinning the whole time and giggling. He tried to go up the slide backwards, and when I let go of him for a second, he pushed off and was sliding down all by himself! My child’s not afraid of anything!! I see roller coasters in our future, what do you think? I held him up high in the swing and let him go, and he screamed and giggled the whole time, and even started to pump his little legs trying to make it go faster! I think the park was a hit, you? Pics to follow, I haven’t gotten around to emailing them yet!

I’m officially 8 weeks, today. I’m due 10/11/11, incidentally my nephew’s birthday. My next appointment is on March 29, but I’ll be going to see the perinatologist sometime in between. Heart rate was 161, and I saw cranium and feet and arm buds. So. SQUEEEEEEEEEEEEEE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

{February 25, 2011}   We’re ok, nothing to see here…

Well, last night, a tornado apparently jumped the house. *sigh* We’re all ok, (It’s official, Fletcher can sleep through a tornado) just a few trees knocked down. The neighbor lost a bunch of shingles, and there were trees down over the road going both directions out of the driveway, so we were stuck all day. We’ve had people slowing down as they went past the house all day, gawking at the trees. I’m trying to get to my pics, but my husband bought me a new laptop! (I must have been a really good girl lately! 😉 ) As you all know, I’m highly technologically challenged, so I might not be able to post them for a few days, till YCU has time to fix it. Anyways, he also bought me a new watch, so I won’t be late coming back from lunch anymore at work. Fletcher still has the sniffles, but seems to be doing better. Me, I feel fine, as long as I eat. I get nauseous when I wait too long. I’ll try to get the pics tomorrow. Toodles.

{February 19, 2011}   Cranky Doodle

Cranky Doodle went to town
A’riding on his pony
Stuck a feather in his cap
And called it Macaroni

Cranky Doodle keep it up,
Cranky Doodle Dandy,
Mind the music and your step
And with the girls be handy!

Hi, all! Fledger here! Bobby iz zinging dis song at be today. I gan’t help it! I’b god the znods. I’b zniffly and zneezy, and coughy, and I dode feel good. I do dot like being zick. I god two dew toofs! I’b bery proud of by dew toofs. And anoder ting. Dere’s zometing going od around here. I dode doe what it iz, but Bobby’s been awfully tired and no fud. I keeb gedding medicide, and ztinky stuff rubbed on me, and I dode like by food. I do dot like being zick.

{February 19, 2011}   Status update:

Well, Little Bear’s still in there, as far as I know. Moving along well, I hope. I have a name list in the works again, but nothing narrowed down, really. Fletcher’s got the snots. It’s the most awesome thing ever when he smears it in his hair. Did you hear the sarcasm? Yeah, it was there, trust me. He was exposed to a kid with Mono at church on Sunday. Yaaaaaaay. Please excuse me, I have a small nose to chase with a tissue and some benadryl. Toodles.

{January 31, 2011}   Hubba Hubba!!

Hi all! I had my first haircut this week. Mommy did not get to go, and WAS she mad!! Daddy said it was bonding time, so I didn’t argue. Daddy wrestles, and tickles, and blows zerbits on my belly, and is fun!


Ooh! Ooh! I’ve been doing lots of growing since I last saw you! Particularly in the Toof area! Check me out!

Oh, and Mommy would like me to tell you that there’s still more nothing happening. Negative.

et cetera