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Yeah, I’ve been reading Twi-porn. *shamefacedly covers her head* But! I’ve also been up past midnight for about 6 nights in a row! (Hint: It was even more fun than reading.) Coincidentally, my husband has been finding the hamper, dishwasher, and garbage with increasing accuracy. Hmmmm…anyway. I didn’t forget about you all, there was just not enough hours in the day to blog aaaaaannnnnd, well, you know. So I’m thinking of starting Fletcher his own blog. That way, he won’t keep hijacking mine, and my parents can see it and all the aunts and uncles, and maybe that’ll keep the MIL from marching forth and invading more often. Oh!! He has a toof! Just one, and there’s not much of it, but that damn thing is sharp! Yes, I found out the hard way. He won’t be using my finger as a chew toy anymore. He’s also sitting up unaided all the time now. He’s not made any effort at sitting up from a lying position, but he’s doing well with his sit ups and tummy time, so I imagine it won’t be long. My house is in a terminal state of funk, partially due to living with two grown men (Oh, no I didn’t suddenly change religions, we’ve got a roommate. He pays us $350 a month, and we get groceries, and he gets free water and internet.) and an infant, and partially cause of Twi-porn. Like I said, there’s only so many hours in the day, and men can’t be bothered to wipe their feet, and not leave sticky stuff on the counter tops, load the dishwasher, take out the trash, and generally everything else that’s their job because I said so. Maybe we should blow it up and start over. (Just so everyone knows, that’s a joke, and if my house were to blow up, it would be completely unintentional. Really. I promise.) The guy that is my antagonist at work was put in his place the other day. He was the one who told me I didn’t need to gain anymore weight the same day the doc told me I was stupid, and the anesthesiologist told me I was easy. (All of this was out of context, but I’ve never let them forget it.) He keeps teasing me about joining a gym, and when he made the comment about me getting some dumbbells, well, I had to remind him that I already had two at work. *smiles* We had to drive to Cleveland, TN on Friday. My husband’s ex-stepdad’s sister died and we had to go to the visitation. I hate going down there. We’ve been talking about trying to get pregnant again next year. We’ll see how it goes.

{April 24, 2010}   Feels like a vacation.

Last night, the offspring (There’s a woman at work who thinks it’s just awful that I call him that. I think it’s not only truthful, but amusing.) slept from 8pm-4am. I know, I’m amazed too!! That’s the most sleep I’ve gotten in ages. Of course, it’s come a monsoon outside, so maybe he was just responding to the rhythm of the rain [that’s fallin’, nights like this come once in a lifetime, just me and my baby… Ahem. Sorry. My upbringing coming out again, my apologies.]
In other news, the primary surgeon at the new job told me I must be very popular at my old job. I had to admit that it depended on who you talked to. I figured there’s at least a few that won’t be adding me to their Christmas list, considering the last 6-8 months I’ve had. Stupid shit always seems to just happen right in front of me, ya know? I go in to give a lunch, a doc throws an instrument. I tell the truth, some md yells at me. You, know, the usual. *sigh*
The YCU is trying the bargaining thing again. You know, he’ll do [fill in the blank] if I give him [you know]. Maybe I can use this to my advantage. 😉

till I realized it was my child screaming and not my alarm. I’m pretty sure this makes me a bad parent, or at least one of the slow learners.
So, yesterday morning, I get up and head down the hall for a little waste management, Mini-me style, and the kid starts with the food retrieval sequence 1.0. My husband then gets up to come help me (what he really does is make faces and distract the spawn). We don’t wear clothes to bed, and we thought the roommate was at his girlfriend’s house. We thought wrong. All of a sudden, we hear the kaboom of a slamming door and realize that we’re about to be exposed. I finish the dipey change, my husband scoops up the young’un, and we run, crouched like two criminals holding the bank bag and covered in exploding dye, back to the bedroom. Whew. We made it, but I think we’re going to invest in bathrobes. No, I never have a normal day.

{December 5, 2009}   BellyWatch ’09: Status Report

Well, there’s still a belly to watch, and I’m still contracting. No more oozing. I spotted a little bit last night, but I’m sure that’s from where the nurse (who happened to be my 1st preceptor ever and has been doing OB nursing for longer than I’ve been on the planet) checked me yesterday. He’s dropped, I can tell cause I can breathe! He’s moving a lot. I’ve had my feet up all day except for meals and laundry (which I have to do or I’ll arrive at work or the hospital VERY cold due to being VERY nekkid) so my cankles don’t look so bad today. Trying to stay hydrated and fed, and finding something to watch on tv. YCU recently nixed the movie channels in our cable plan, so I’m now beginning to realize what people mean when they say they have 200 channels and nothing’s on. Most of those channels are sports, children’s, or CNN related. Sports? Isn’t that where they throw a ball a lot and get injured? Children’s? Well, I figure I’ll have plenty of time for that. CNN? Why, so my anxiety level will just increase? Whatever. I did get some thank-you notes written today, and have been web surfing and reading. YCU is asleep, see, and my car is still at work, so I guess I’m stranded, for now. However, he’s off Monday, so I guess I’ll go get it then.

My child is moving around an awful lot. Wonder if he really is making his bid for freedom soon?

{September 9, 2009}   Did you want your mother?

I’m being totally serious here when I ask that. We got into a discussion today about various people’s deliveries. I worked in L&D, and always wondered why people needed/wanted and audience for the big event/major exposure of the girly parts. I think I won’t want my mother or anyone else there, except my husband. I mean, I’m grown, married, own my own home, pay my own bills, and do my best to solve my own problems. Do I really need my mother present to do this? She wasn’t there during the baby construction, if you know what I mean. Maybe when it comes time, I’ll accidentally leave my big-girl panties at the house, but I just don’t think so. One girl advised me not to allow my MIL in the room. Hah. Like that was gonna happen anyway, but seriously, if I had my druthers? She wouldn’t be allowed in the same city, much less my delivery room. That’s the last place I’d want to see her. I’ll literally and figuratively be showing my ass enough without her help, thank you very much. I talked to my husband about it tonight, and surprisingly, he agreed. He said that he’d be stressed out, I’ll be tired, and he didn’t want to have to act excited or happy or polite until we’d spent some time with the baby on our own and gotten a bit of rest (I know, as much as possible given the circumstances). I almost started crying. This is why I love this man. When it comes down to brass tacks, he’s all about US, and not about EVERYONE ELSE. His idea is not to call anyone till after the big event. I’m loving it.

{September 1, 2009}   Question:

Why do my bladder and kidneys only want to work when I’m trying to sleep?
Why does my husband continually tromp around the house in his grass covered clothes and boots after I’ve just swept the floor?
Why have I developed a plantar’s wart on the bottom of my foot when I’m gaining weight and it hurts to walk on it?
Why does my podiatrist insist that I wait till after I deliver to take care of it?
Does he not know that I’ll be in stirrups soon (a lot) and that my nasty foot will be in a plethora of medical personnel’s faces?
Why do men think that putting a pot with a plate on it/lid on it/nothing on it in the fridge is an acceptable food storage method?
Why do men think a counter with drink circles, sticky stuff, and crumbs on it is considered clean?
(This is an old one) Why do men think that sex is the only reason we want to go to bed early?
And for the finale: Why does he get angry when I make the decision to go to Home Depot and look at paint samples without him, even though I’ve asked him to go no less than 5 times? It’s not like he hasn’t had opportunity.
Why do I always have to resort to threatening to do something myself before he gets off his ass to do it?

He started today. In case you didn’t get it, he got a job. It’s not as much money as before, I don’t think, but some is better than none. And it’ll tide us over till he finds something else. Or he may decide he likes it, who knows. I’m just happy not to have to work so much. It was killing me. And dammit, it was really putting a cramp in my bloggy style. I’m usually much more social than this. You all know that. I was just so damn tired when I got home. Thanks, everyone for thinking of me and being so encouraging. I’m really proud of him. He really is a good guy and a hard worker, and he just doesn’t deserve most of what happens to him. I know I complain a lot here, but it’s mostly me venting frustration at the little things. He really treats me well, and surprisingly, knows just how to handle me and my mood swings most of the time.

In other news, you know how normal women are constipated during pregnancy? Yeah, well, I’m still waiting for that to happen. In fact, I’d kinda like it to happen. A little. You know. Allll these bathroom breaks are getting ridiculous. Nothing else is normal about me, why should this be? I felt him move consistently this week! That’s been fun. Oh, and I think you’ll all be proud of me, I consented to going to the Babies R Expensive this week, and we registered! That was also fun. I was surprised I was so comfortable doing that yet, but it felt kind of liberating. I’ve been so scared for so long that taking a step and beginning to plan and feel hopeful felt nice for a change. And it got my mind off of all the other things going on.

So, this week, I was in Urology. Strange, cause I’m usually in General/Vascular surgery, or Spines. Not my niche, but a nice change. I had this patient who was 62, but looked about 80. Bless her, she must have lived a hard life. She looked like she had prison tattoos. She was cute, though, and had a lot of personality. Sassy. Coming from me, that’s saying something, I think. I asked her if she could move, and I meant onto the OR table, but I don’t think she understood me cause when I asked her to move she said “Move? You mean sexually, or what?” We all burst into laughter, and I then had to try to explain that no, we just wanted her to scootchie over to the other bed. “Oh. Alright.” The things people will say and do under the influence of 6-8 syringe margaritas never cease to amaze me.

Oh, yeah, and my MIL has finally done it. She has pissed me off with her level of interference and inappropriateness that I’ve finally decided that my child will never be in her presence without supervision. And even that will be as infrequent as I can make it. She kept something HUGE and life-altering from my husband, and if you can do that to your own son, I got nothing for ya. She didn’t even deign to explain the situation and try to give him some peace of mind about something he’s been worried sick about for the last, oh, 8 months, at least. How dare she. HOW dare she? Needless to say, I was livid. So, I mean, you know, what if my child was at her house and something happened, you know, injury or whatever, and she just “accidentally” forgot to tell me? I don’t think so. I can’t trust her as far as an elephant can dance the two-step, so she’s deluded if she thinks I’m trusting her with my child.

I’m a total comment whore.  It’s pitiful.

{March 8, 2009}   Rope Crotch hanging

That was the search term for this morning.  Apparently thinks I’m a sexual de.viant.  Whatever.

In other news, I hope there was a swimmer living up in there from Mon-Wed, cause we’ve had no jungle action for like 3 days.  He was rude one night, tired another, then yesterday, he broke his foot!  We’re having so much fun, I can hardly contain myself.  It’s all swollen up and purple.  Hoping to get him in to my orthopedic surgeon this week.  I think they’ll probably have to pin the metatarsal and big toe, but let’s all hope for the best, shall we?  He’s also bought himself some time off work.  *sighs*

Oh, yeah, and this morning, he decided to tell me that 2 of his friends got their girlfriends pregnant.  One is in no position financially or otherwise to take care of an infant, and the other one is engaged and owns his own business.  I requested (politely) that he please not tell me things like that.  It pisses me off.

Ok, with a nod to Geohde, I have to tell you about my search term list.  Today’s was mom fuck housebreaker.  Yeah.  Funny, huh.  Whatever.  Hope they found something useful here, otherwise, “Be gone!  Before someone drops a house on you, too!”

Anyway, we’ve been having “Jungle Love” this week.  Lots of Jungle Love.  Geohde once had an Agony Aunt edition where someone asked if Clomid caused gas.  Well, no, it doesn’t, but I think I may know where the question came from.  I’ve been having the most God-awful cramps the last 2 days.  It feels just like gaseous eruption warning signals, but without the end result.  If I do get pregnant, my child is coming out of my left ovary.  Well, at least he/she was yesterday.  Today, I decided I would having twiiiiiiiiiins! due to the opposite-sided cramping I was having.  Well, I’m destined to be different.  I’ll be the 1st person in my family to produce such a phenomenon, if that prophecy comes to pass!  YCU and I have given ourselves the monikers of ‘Jungle Monkeys.’  If we have multiples, we’ll really be up a creek.

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