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{February 11, 2012}   Hi, remember me?

HAPPY NEW YEAR!…Oh, wait, I missed it. Well, I’ve been busy, ok? What? Anyway, Sabrina’s rolling over now, and discovering her feet, Fletcher’s been panhandling in church (more on that later!), and learning to jump and do headstands! I’m having visions of stitches and blood in my future…wait, that could just be Monday. *sigh* No news yet on the department transfer at work, but now it’s looking unlikely to happen for at least 6 months. *sigh* The hours between 4 and 6pm have become the Witching Hour around here. Nobody’s happy, everybody screams, guess they’ll go eat worms…! YCU hurt his back last week, so that’s been fun. Now he’s convinced he’s old and breaking down. He’s 36. I know. I can’t convince him any different. Bless his heart.

So, Fletcher. What can I say about Fletcher? He’s a little hambone, but we knew that already. I walked into the new(ish) babysitter’s house one day to find Fletcher and his little friend Liam both sitting in the bad chair across the room from each other. When I asked what happened, she told me that she’d told them to pick up their toys and they simultaneously threw something at her! He’s learned to hit and throw things when he’s angry now, (I can only assume from the other little boy, we do our best to behave ourselves in front of the offspring) so we’re trying to break that bad habit. So, panhandling. Yeah, my son could make a killing on the side of the road, I tell ya. We went to Sunday School this week and they have a little collection jar there that the kids put their SS offering in every week. They love to hear the coins jingle. Fletcher loves that thing. I can give him 6 pennies and that jar, and he’ll stay occupied all through SS. Yes, I know he’s supposed to be paying attention, but he’s 2. It’ll come in time, right? Anyway, we got there early, and he grabbed the jar first thing. We went upstairs to the devotional and as I was greeting some fellow churchgoers, I looked up and danged if every one of those old men in the Amen Corner wasn’t cleaning out their pockets, giving him change! I’m pretty sure my face went white as I squeaked “My son is panhandling at church!” His teacher said she’d start a collection for the snacks and just let him head the committee. I have new pictures! Look!






{August 28, 2011}   6.5 weeks

Yep, peoples, that’s all I’ve got left! I’m so looking forward to not being preggo anymore. I think I’m done.
In other news, my best friend gave me a baby shower today! I got soooooo much cute stuff! Diapers and girls clothes mostly, but that’s perfect, cause now I don’t have to dress her in tractors and sheep. And we’ll have enough diapers to get us through for a few months, I think. My MIL fell at the shower today. She was running after Fletcher and tripped over her own feet. After making sure she was ok, my best friend and were talking it over, and she mentioned that she (MIL) had a red mark on her head where she hit the door. Fletcher does this often. He also tends to put his pinky toe on the outside of his sandals. My friend noted this in my MIL. We got so tickled, we had tears running down our faces. I know, this is bad. Luckily, she really was fine, but after the initial respiratory distress, it was highly amusing. I know, I’m rotten. There’s supposed to be a shower for me at work, sometime, but no one’s put up signs for it yet, so they may have decided against it. But, I think I’m set, for a bit.

Update: I’ve been contracting off and on all week. Some of them are just Braxton-Hicks, and I know this because it doesn’t feel like the real thing (I know, because I had precisely 3 of those real ones before I squealed like a little piglet for an epidural), but dagnabit, some of those suckers hurt! I had to sit down twice today! My doc says as long as it’s under 6 an hour, not to worry about it. Ok, says I. So far they’re easily calmed with rest and a glass of water. Hopefully it stays that way.

I forgot to tell you about my experience with the P.oison C.ontrol center. Yeah, Friday night, Fletcher grabbed hold of his talcum powder and dumped it in his face. I was terrified he’d inhaled some of it, and most likely swallowed some. They were very prompt, calming, didn’t make me wait on hold forever, and I didn’t feel like a crazy nurse mother (we medical professionals are known for freaking out when it’s our kin involved, you know) for calling, so over all, I was impressed. But, because I’m a medical professional who freaks out when my kin are involved, I also called the pediatrician, just to be certain that everyone was in agreement. Because I’m paranoid like that. I know, I have issues. I’m ok with it. Everyone was in agreement, so I just watched him for an hour, gave him something to drink, and slept with the baby monitor on all night, the better to hear him breathing strangely, should such catastrophe befall us. All’s well. He’s got this cough and a runny nose now, but I’m pretty sure it’s a combo of teething and allergies. So, we’re chasing his nose and doctoring his bottom with butt spackle, and trying not to go into labor too soon. I really can’t wait till she gets here. I love ruffles and hair bows.

*beleaguered sigh* Last week, I picked Fletcher up at the sitter’s, and he had a black eye. I was properly horrified, however, they explained that he’d tripped over some of his toys and fell head first into some of his other toys. Several weeks ago, I picked him up(after dropping him off early) and they told me he’d slept so long, and they knew I’d be there just any time, so he hadn’t had lunch yet. I dropped him off at 6am, and this was 2:30-3:00. Um. Yeah, that’s a long time for someone his age to go without eating, folks. So then, this past Friday, I picked him up, and he came around the corner and ran to me, while they were all sitting in the living room, not following him around to watch him. Most days, I have to change his extremely wet diaper when I get there. Then I found his sippy cup from that morning, still containing the remnants of his first cup of milk. (I only know this because my husband put a scoop of his protein shake in it. Fletcher likes the chocolate taste of it. I’ve asked politely that he not do this again, as it will likely turn Fletcher into the Incredible Hulk.) Then, there was only one diaper missing from the diaper bag all day. If all these things were isolated incidents, I could see letting it go, but they aren’t. So, today, we dropped him off with a new babysitter. More expensive, naturally, but we’ll just have to rough it. I still have to go over to the old sitter’s house and pick up his toys. When I left this morning, he was happy and playing, so I didn’t worry. But when I got there, his other eye was black, and there was a cut beneath it! I know my child’s a klutz, and can trip over his own feet, so I’m not blaming the old or the new sitter for that, after all, kids are gonna have accidents. But…*sigh*

Hi, all, Fletcher here!! Mommy says I’m gonna be a big brother!! As long as I’m still the center of attention, I’m all for it!! I’m not exactly sure what a big brother does, though. Does that mean I’m bigger and I was here first, so it’s all mine? I think so.

Mommy wrests the computer from sticky hands: Well, the jury is back, and: It’s a girl!!! So, now to figure out how to clothe her and feed her and still keep Fletcher from flashing everyone on a regular basis due to it being his sister’s turn this week to get diapers at the store. *sigh* I got definitive proof today of her female-ness. I had an appt yesterday, and things went well. My doctor was 85% sure she was a girl, but wasn’t positive. Today, I had another u/s because I was kneed in the belly by a patient that was coming off the OR table fighting and in trying to restrain him (Yes, I had help, I don’t have a death wish!), I was in the wrong place at the wrong time. So, how was everyone else’s day?

{January 1, 2011}   I’m a wreck.

Last night was my anniversary. Wheee!!!! We went to bed early. Yes, actually, we are old. Thank you for noticing. Anyway, this morning, we wake up, play with Fletcher for a little while, put him down to watch the ‘Panda, and then it’s time for a nap. I put him in his crib, go to make a bottle (yes, I’m a bad mother, we’ve discussed this before) and all of a sudden I hear KABOOM in his bedroom. This was not an “I threw all my toys out come get me now” KABOOM. We both ran in to find my baby on the floor face down. He immediately started crying, so we loved on him and checked him out to make sure he wasn’t broken and I finished getting his bottle. Then we got the pack and play out of the truck. Poor baby. We knew we needed to lower that bed and just never got around to it. He’s ok, sleeping now. Don’t worry, I’ve got the tylenol ready. Mother of the Year moment number 9876534336644. And it’s only January 1st.

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