Ninapintasantamaria's Blog

You may contact me here for passwords and such.  Internet not so anonymous as I would like, due to someone “borrowing” this laptop, so I must have passwords now.   Please leave me a comment if you would like my email address.

rosesdaughter says:

Hey! I just want that password!!! email is!!!1

TIreegal says:

hi! happy ICLW! Please email me your password so I can see what all the excitement is about:)
i think you can see my email and my blog address on the page:)

Kristin says:

Hey Nina…thanks for stopping by my blog. Here are a few links… this covers blocking and all kids of other finishing techniques this covers blocking and seams…it also has links to other crochet info this is just blocking

Hootie says:

Nina, I would LOVE if you contacted me. Couldn’t be happier that your hub got hired on–finally you can take a breath!

CityGirl says:

Hey, Nina!

Glad to read you had a good Mother’s Day. :o)

I’m back online over at Tumblr… which is a pretty cool tool.
Faster than blogging, but more comprehensive than Twitter.

We’ll see how it goes – drop by and see me sometime. :o)

Dorothy says:

Nina, Enna’s Mom here. Tried to send you something and got a fail notice. Please update me, you’re gonna want to see this.

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